Our vision and strategy.

The Company’s vision statements are “Based on a solid foundation as a leading Romanian shipping services provider we will consistently deliver a high level of quality services which conforms to our principal’s requirements.

The core element of our services remains the “local knowledge”, however we are our vision is that by extending the scope of our service from the “port” to the “voyage” or “trade” we will assist our Principals to maximize the performance and safety of their assets. By creating an inspiring and dynamic organization we will generate, capture and profit on opportunities”.

Our Mission

Key success criteria reaching the ambitious goals requires the Company to:

  • Maintain a customer oriented organization (front – to back office)
  • Be aware of that inspired and motivated people are the key to success.
  • New people with complementary competence and experience is recruited into key management roles
  • Be aware that the organization needs to have the ability to constantly change to adapt to changes in operating environment
  • Appreciate that a stable business platform will generate opportunities within and beyond the defined core business model.

Our Objectives

MGS is committed to provide a high level of quality for all range of services , in a manner which conforms to our Principals requirements and expectations.

As a part of this objective, MGS has established and maintains a quality system, which is planned and developed in conjunction with recognized bodies and our customers. This quality system is reviewed routinely to ensure its continued effectiveness and required improvements are made to meet principal expectations.

These objectives are cascaded to all levels of our organization.

Trusted by the world’s fastest growing companies:

Our Values.

MGS acquired set of skills in many years of experience which is of paramount importance for our offering to clients.

The quality of our People
Shared Vision
Speed and Accuracy
Innovative and Proven Expertise
Customer Focus
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​At MGS, we pride ourselves on providing a supportive and professional workplace for all our employees. If you are looking to be part of a values based culture, where development opportunities and diversity within your career are on offer, then register your interest today.

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Registered Office:

Eroilor 5H
Valencia Building, Entrance 1
3rd Floor, Apt 115, Room 1
Otopeni – Ilfov 
  • management@mgsolution.ro
  • 004 0372 764650

  • 004 0372 871605

Bucharest Commercial Office:

North Lane – Apicultorilor
Blvd 10, ap.08, district 1
Bucharest – Romania

  • management@mgsolution.ro
  • 004 0372 764650

  • 004 0372 871605

Constanta Operational Office:

Mamaia Blvd 34, building LV2
entrance A, 1st floor, room 2

  • alexandra@mgsolution.ro

  • 004 0724 091656
  • 004 0372 871605

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