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Special projects management

We handle all the logistic aspects of your industrial project, from the first moment when the project is confirmed, up to the effective delivery of the cargo.

Often associated with a large capital project such as a plant, a refinery or a wind farm, project cargo logistics means moving all the many items required to build that project, from massive, one-of-a-kind pressure vessels to many freight tons of pipe and steel to containers full of valves, nuts and bolts. Sourcing can be global and very complex, and time from engineering to procurement to completion can take months or even years.

Our members handle the specialist transportation of oversize and heavy items, which require individual transport planning from origin to destination and are capable of providing complete logistic solutions for special cargo projects. These projects tend to be very complex, so they require great experience and specific knowledge.

  • Barge Service

  • Budget Calculations

  • Cargo Supervision during loading and unloading, as well as in transit

  • Consolidation, Packing and Containerization

  • Custom Tailored transportation consultancy

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Full/Partial Charter by ocean and air

  • Heavy Loads
  • Module Movement

  • Oversize Cargoes transportation

  • Project Flow descriptions

  • Purchase Order Management and Cargo Tracking

  • Road Studies

  • Transport
  • Insurance

  • Air Charter
  • Sea Charter
  • Break-bulk

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MGS major Benefits

We believe that we are long-term partners and are dedicated to our goal of providing safe, efficient and professional services for the benefit of our customers.

  • Our expertise of more than 15 years in the field of freight forwarding and logistics is a promise for best in class service.

  • MGS acquired complete set of skills in our field in many years of experience which is of paramount importance for our offering to clients.

  • Custom tailored solutions is not just a syntagm for us, it is a way of working and improving constantly our services for the benefit of our customers.

  • We strive to have a service offering that is personal, we do not work based on the concept of one size fits all.

  • Minor details make major changes.

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Other Services

Project Logistics

We have strong expertise in handling special projects, strong network of partners that can support any needs for project cargoes – out of gauge, heavy duty hazardous, temperature controlled a.s.o.

Door to door delivery

In today’s world, most of the clients need to have a partner capable to cover any part of the logistics chain. We provide door to door service for many years and we have solutions for every need.

Sea freight

As majority of the cargo is being moved via maritime transportation, sea freight is a major component of the logistics cost. Sea freight is not just a number but a complete set of skills to secure space onto vessel when needed, equipment availability at the port of origin by using extensive knowledge and trusted partners all over the world.
MGS acquired that set of skills in many years of experience which is of paramount importance for our offering to clients.

Air Freight

Same as sea freight, air freight is not just a number which is being offered but is being backed up by a complete set of skills which MGS developed throughout the years.