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The Port of Constanza is situated on the western coast of the Black Sea, at 179 nM from the Bosphorus Strait and 85 nM from the Sulina Branch through which the Danube flows into the sea. It covers 3,926 ha of which 1,312 ha is land and the rest of 2,614 ha is water. Completion works on the southern side have already started to host new terminals in a favoured zone with high water depth.

The two breakwaters located northwards and southwards shelter the port creating the safest conditions for port activities. The present length of the North breakwater is 8,344 m and the South breakwater is 5,560 m.

With a total quay length of 29.83 km, the Port of Constantza has a present number of 145 berths, of which 119 are operational berths with depths between 2 and 19 meters. Such water basins being the deepest in the Black Sea allow the accommodation of tankers and bulk carriers of 220,000 DWT.

Located at the cross-roads of the trade routes linking the developed countries of Western Europe and the emerging markets of Central Europe with the suppliers of raw materials from the CIS, Central Asia and Transcaucasus, the Port of Constantza is the main Romanian port and the largest port in the Black Sea.

It has a geo strategically position being located on the route of two Pan-European Transport Corridors: river Corridor VII (Danube) and rail-road Corridor IV.

In the southern part of Constantza Port there is a river-maritime sector, which allows the accommodation of maritime vessels and river vessels as well. The two satellite ports Midia and Mangalia are located close to the port of Constantza and perform a vital function in the overall port framework.


The Port of Constantza offers a lot of advantages, among which, the most important are:

  • multi-purpose port with modern facilities and sufficient depth to accommodate the largest vessels passing through the Suez Canal
  • direct access to the Pan-European Corridor VII, through the Danube Black Sea Canal, providing a shorter and cheaper waterway transport towards Central Europe than the routes using the Northern Europe ports
  • good connections with all modes of transport: railway, road, river, airway and pipelines
  • the New Container Terminal on Pier II South, increasing the container operating capacity
  • future expansion planned
  • Ro-Ro and Ferry-boat terminals suitable for the development of short sea shipping serving the Black Sea and the Danube riparian countries
  • New status of Port of Constantza, “port with customs facilities”
  • Future expansion planned

The network of motorways, railways, waterways and pipelines turn the port of Constantza into the ideal multimodal transport center for any type of cargo bound for various destinations. Millions of tons of cargo moving annually through Constantza are carried from or to hinterland markets and end-consumers.

Fast, reliable and efficient transportation of goods is rendered at European standards on the eastward-westward commercial 20 axis. Port infrastructure is connected to the Pan-European Transport Corridors defined at the Pan-European Transport Conference in Helsinki in 1997 and supported by the EU: river Corridor no. VII and railroad Corridor no. IV as well as the “TRACECA” Corridor.

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